Learn to Trade Horse Racing Markets – Pre-Race Recorded Markets

Learning to trade is all about knowing how the betting exchange markets work and looking at the bigger picture of what everyone else is doing. Looking for repetitive patterns of behavior to exploit, putting the odds in your favor over other participants in the market.

The best way to learn is to watch as many markets as you can, more the better. The more markets you watch the further you put yourself ahead of other participants. All our videos are recorded from 10 mins to the off, pre-race recordings are to show you how the markets work… there is no trading on our side in the videos. You need to watch with a blank canvas and pick up patterns of market behavior. Watching other people trade on our side will just influence your brain to focus on their trade, you will miss what’s actually going on around the market by narrowing your mind to someone else’s trade.

Big move from heavy backing on favourite…

When watching how the markets move and what influences them, here are a few things to focus on:

What happens at top and bottom of trading ranges
Large trading ranges
Narrow trading ranges
Support and resistance
Look for signs of how trends start
Reverse trends
Traded volume
Amount of matched money in the market and on individual horses
Speed of money entering the market (Slow or fast)
Crossover points (change in odd increments)
Spoofers (Traders entering large money to manipulate the market, then the money disappears)
Take note of odds, shorter odds have more influence over the book
Look for horses that are interacting with each other
Watch how the market changes from 10 mins to the off
Stable markets not much movement (narrow range)
Volatile markets moving all the time
Type of race
Grade of race
How many runners

When watching the markets take notes, see if it repeats on other markets in similar conditions.

The beauty of watching these pre-race recordings is you can rewind and watch again and again for signs why something happened. Sometimes their is no sign of why something happened, its the nature of the markets, but if you can see repeating patterns you can exploit it for profits.

You need to break it down and learn one behavior/pattern/strategy at a time… There are different strategies for different conditions. Once you have mastered one move on to learning another strategy and add that to your trading portfolio. An example would be to learn swing trading, look at videos with swing trades, rewind them, take notes of conditions from the list above, what influenced the swing trade, traded volume, etc… Keep records and the patterns will show. You will find some markets are easier to read than others. The more betting markets you watch the more you will learn how the markets are influenced by different factors.

Trader 1 has watched 100 markets
Trader 2 has watched 500 markets
Trader 3 has watched 3000 markets

Which trader do you think has more experience watching how the markets are influenced?
Which trader do you think has a better understanding?
Which trader do you think is more likely to develop an edge?

Answer: Trader 3

Let’s say a trader has watched 100 markets but you have watched 5000 markets, who do you think has a better understanding of how the markets are influenced and is more likely to develop an edge over other participants? YOU of course.

Watching markets is your trading course it’s how you study to become a professional sports trader, learning market behavior can only be done by watching the actual markets themselves.